Exquisite tone at a small, easy to carry instrument – the Yamaha NP32 compact keyboard is a perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Designed around all the key components that make you focused on playing, NP32 keyboards concentrate on the enjoyment and inspiration of playing even a simple piano, and add the purity of one of the best grand pianos that Yamaha has produced. As its name implies, the Yamaha NP32 is smaller and sleeker than most normal keyboards. At first glance, it may appear smaller than the original piano. However, this is just on the first look – once you have played the instrument, you will agree with us that the difference is very slight.

Yamaha NP32

The Yamaha NP32 piano is made of walnut, an extremely hardwood with rich tone and strength. Its key design, too, is exceptional, with its five-piece construction and the use of unvarnished steel front plate for maximum durability. The exquisite tone produced by the Yamaha NP32 and its compact size make it an excellent musical instrument. The keys are covered with genuine walnut, giving it that real walnut sound, which is not possible with most other keyboards. Its four standard octave keys are perfectly suited for all strumming patterns.

With its compact size, the Yamaha NP32 conveniently takes up very little space. Even its grand piano-like features and the fine-tuning facilities that are available for its strings, the quality of sound it produces are unsurpassed by other instruments. It is extremely powerful as well. Its tone capabilities are perfectly suited for any song genre. For those who love the nylon string music or the classical style of tuning, the nylon-string version of this instrument is highly recommended.

In terms of performance, the Yamaha NP32 delivers a remarkable performance in each department. It has a high precision digital keyboard with two octave keys and can be used to play the treble and bass lines with ease. It has a mid-range sound that is very precise and it also has a voice-raising ability to produce high-quality sound, even on the soft touch keyboard. Its high octave keys are perfect for playing the classics and it is one of the pianos with the greatest attack of all.

The Yamaha NP32 features two octave keys and a very fine tuning facility. It has an exquisite tune-depth and this is highly desirable for those who are seeking for a high-quality tune every time they play the piano. The octave keys of the NP32 allow you to bring out the subtleties of the notes so that they come through in the clef. It has a very powerful bass note and this helps you come up with a clear tone every time. Other than that, the piano also has a compact size and this is one of the many advantages of using the NP32 over other pianos.

There is no doubt that the Yamaha NP32 and the other pianos of its class to deliver the finest grand piano performance. If you desire for a clear and exquisite tone at all times, then it is time that you looked for the Yamaha NP32. With its compact size, it allows you to bring it around wherever you go and this is what makes it the best alternative to other pianos. It also has a very good action and it does not get stuck when you are playing difficult notes. So if you desire for a wonderful musical experience every time you play, then it is time that you looked out for the Yamaha NP32 piano.